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October 6th and 7th 2017 in select venues of downtown Greeley, Colorado 

Hensel Phelps Theatre in the Union Colony Civic Center

701 Tenth Avenue

Quaint with excellent acoustics, this theater located right next door to the Monfort Concert Hall will be home to several performances, including the Kid's Stand-up Comedy Contest and the Vaudeville Follies!

Hilton DoubleTree Hotel Centennial Ballroom

919 7th Street

Directly across from the UCCC, the DoubleTree's Centennial Ball room offers extended elegance and space to our panelists and performers.

The Nerd Store

807 8th Street

The coolest comic book store in Colorado if not the the world! This paradise for gamers and comic book fans will be the hot spot for the Cosplay Contest, How to Draw Cartoons and more!

Monfort Concert Hall in the Union Colony Civic Center

701 10th Avenue

The Monfort Concert Hall's abundant seating will ensure that everyone gets a great show.

How to Explore Comedy Con - All Venues Are Within Two Blocks (Click on Map Below)

The headquarters of our convention is the Union Colony Civic Center (UCCC) which offers two auditoriums, the Monfort Concert Hall and the Hensel Phelps Theater. They are just a staircase away from each other. The largest facility is the Monfort Concert Hall (photo to the right) ​with wide floor space and two balconies. Below is a picture of the Hensel Phelps Theater. There are two more venues, The Centennial Ballroom in the DoubleTree Hotel and The Nerd Store both just across the street from the UCCC. There is ample free parking at the UCCC or anywhere downtown. Comedy Con will sell no more tickets than what the Monfort Concert Hall can accommodate, so if a patron wanted, they could stay in the auditorium for the entire weekend watching back to back shows and panels in their assigned seats. However, there are always a variety of options. 

Where Did Comedy Con Come From?

Dave Jackson asked two of his friends, Eugene Kenny and Dave Aluise, if they knew of any conventions dedicated to comedy; an event to dress up as their favorite comical character like, for example, Ace Ventura, or Roseanne Rosannadanna, and to invite stars from beloved comedy films so fans could ask them burning questions about the production. After all, there are fan conventions for superheroes, horror, science fiction, steampunk, on and on, but EVERYBODY loves some kind of comedy! When they asked around and found that nothing like this existed, Dave said, "Then why don't we start one?"