October 6th and 7th 2017 in select venues of downtown Greeley, Colorado 

Kid's Stand-up Comedy Contest!

Admission to Comedy Con for all contestants is free!

Do you know a little tyke who could be the next Kevin Hart, Jim Gaffigan, or Tina Fey? We need their sense of humor! Auditions will be held on the Comedy Con Facebook page. All a contestant has to do is simply send a video of his or her routine to us in a message and we'll post it. 

1st place winner opens for Steve Hytner on Saturday night October, 7th!
This is an outstanding reference to put on a young comedian's resume!

Also, 1st place wins $100, 2nd place wins $50, and 3rd place wins $25. 
Additional prizes and sponsorship are in the works.

  • For privacy, contestants names will not be posted unless given guardian permission and only at the live show in that case. Contestants will be assigned a number.
  • Auditions begin April 1st, 2017 by posting the child's video to the Comedy Con Facebook page @comedycon. There are 50 slots available for contestants. Three judges will choose 20 to go on and perform at Comedy Con before an audience where the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be selected by evaluating their live standup. Submission deadline is October 1st, 2017.
  • Each routine is to be 3 minutes long. The live performance for those twenty who are selected to move on will be 3 minutes as well. Ensure that the contestant's routine is 3 minutes and no more. Part of the evaluation is if the contestants stay within their time allotted. 
  • All material must be clean and appropriate for all ages.
  • The cutoff age for contestants is 18. Any age below 18 can enter as long as there are slots still available and the contestant can tell a clear joke.
  • Contestants must be accompanied by a ticket holding adult at Comedy Con.
  • The 20 finalists who move on for the live performance will be announced at Comedy Con.
  • The amount of likes for the video posted on the Comedy Con Facebook page will be used as part of the evaluation to choose the 20 finalists.
  • There must be 30 contestants for the contest to be held.

Comedy Con is a family event. Although with comedy type cosplay, attire and accessories shouldn't be an issue, we reserve the right to enforce appropriate wardrobe.

Regardless of your gender identification, we require all attendees, exhibitors and guests to wear sports bra-like coverage on top with leotard-type coverage on bottom. No butt cheeks, no thongs and no “plumber’s butt.”
No bare chests, no singlets, and no Vampirella-type costumes.

A costume must provide business appropriate coverage at all times, including standing, sitting, moving or posing. Coverage material must be thick and sturdily constructed with the proper undergarments. (Types of coverage that are prohibited include, but are not limited to, sheer materials, very thin materials, tape, pasties, body paint, liquid latex and prosthetics). Proper coverage must be held to the body by more than adhesives. (Examples of adhesives include but are not limited to tape, prosthetic glue, medical glue, theater glue, fashion glue and fashion tape). They may be used to assist in wearing the costume but cannot be the only method for keeping a costume on. No illusion of nudity. If flesh colored garments are not easily identifiable from 10 feet away as garments, they are prohibited. Please wear protective footwear at all times. This means some sort of hard sole (Flip flops, shoes). A unitard or stocking feet are prohibited

Rollerblades, roller-skates, wheelies and other shoes with wheels in them are prohibited. Makeup must be properly sealed so that it does not rub off with casual contact or make a mess. NO GLITTER.  Please be mindful that body paint and/or fake blood are great fun for you but the other attendees at the convention might not want it on themselves.

Military dress: If you intend to wear a uniform that appears realistic, distinguish that it is a costume. If your costume could be mistaken for current military or law enforcement, it is prohibited. Hateful symbols are prohibited. Emblems of genocide are prohibited.

Prop Policy:

Comedy Con puts the welfare and safety of attendees, guests and vendors first. We reserve the right to prohibit additional items not listed at our discretion.

All costume weapons must conform to state, federal, and city law.

Prohibited Items:

Firearms of any kind – this includes BB guns, cap guns, paintball and pellet guns and airsoft guns, even if it has been disabled or is not loaded
Replica firearms of any kind – this includes reproductions of guns, even if it has been disabled
Bladed metal or wooden weapons such as axes, daggers, hatchets, knives and swords, pocket blades, ninja stars
Projectile weapons of any kind, including replicas – if it can shoot something (even Nerf and water), it is not permitted
Explosives and chemical weapons – this includes firecrackers and pepper spray
Blunt weapons – wooden or metal bats, clubs, brass knuckles, mallets, martial arts weapons, whips, golf clubs, paddles
Drones and dirigibles
Selfie sticks


Do you have a knack for becoming Ace Ventura, Robin Williams as the Genie, Fat Albert, Rosanne Rosannadanna? Comedy Con is the weekend for you! 

Come celebrate comedy nerd culture through costuming! Attendees of all ages and all skill levels are encouraged to participate. We welcome your enthusiasm. Have fun on stage and enjoy sharing your passion for cosplay and costuming! The Comedy Cos boasts the Cosplay Fashion Show which is a hoot of an exhibition for attendees who want to show off their costumes with peer enthusiasts.

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